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Target Logistic Services TLS is a freight forwarder that provides logistics solutions and freight package services with a dynamic and professional approach to business development and partnerships.

TLS was established at 2013 in the capital city Amman, Jordan; jointly with network offices within the Middle East along with international freight forwarding agents around the world. We are certified members of Jordan Logistics Association, Specialist Freight Networks and Africa Logistic Network.

We are experts in handling logistics for Iraqi public sector as well as private sector at any destination within Iraq, and specialized in handling pharmaceuticals for Iraqi Ministry of Health projects and supplements. 


Profesional Team


•  Our well trained staff who are certified professionals in Freight Forwarding will ensure the best possible on time service to our valued customers .

•  Our aim is to satisfy our clients through a very flexible organization with experienced staff able to offer the highest possible level of service.

•  TLS has been operating in the transport and integrated logistics sector since 2013. Our main aim has always been to satisfy the needs of all our customers by offering them personalized transport service for any volume of goods, anywhere in the world.

•  The company’s staff consists of the owners themselves who can be contacted directly, thus guaranteeing efficiency and reliability. Our organization is able to establish the kind of personal relationships with our customers because we feel that those customers are the key to our success.


Target Logistic Services will passionately provide supreme quality freight and logistics services. We will become a vital link in our customers and suppliers business, innovation, integrity and values for money are our mandates


•  Be the dominant Total Logistics Service Provider by offering high quality, professional and innovative solutions to its clients’ needs with a competitive rates.

•  Commit to putting clients’ needs first by providing greater visibility across their needs.

•  Continuously provide a consultative and knowledge-based skills to its customers.

•  Chart its company’s progress through an articulated vision expressed in specific performance outcomes.

•  Ensure that correct values and attitudes are transcended throughout all levels of its company’s employees.


•  We try to meet and exceed customers’ demands by delivering what we promise.

•  Both Honesty and Integrity form the foundation of our trust. The success of our organization stems from the open and honest approach of our people.

•  Trust in our company is built by people sharing a common purpose, culture, basing their priorities on the needs of our clients and the business itself.

•  We focus on companywide knowledge-sharing platforms, consisting of a wide range of information-exchange tools and techniques; thus trying to create a truly knowledge-haring corporate culture.

•  Collaborative teamwork became the most strategic capability for any firm and is one of our company’s mantras for business success.

•  Commitment to excellence is built when we are trusted and are able to trust our colleagues in every minor detail.

Sea Freight

Ocean Freight is one of the key elements in multi modal transportation. In order to offer the best service possible, we have sea freight department specializing in both FCL and LCL.


The flexibility and range of Ocean Services offered by TLS for our customer economical alternatives to other more expensive modes of transportation. Our services cover not only shipments from port to port, but also the complete door-to-door transportation chain from origin to final destination.

We provide:

•  Import & Export Ocean / Sea Freight

•  Import & Export Custom Clearance

•  Transportation / Trucking / Off Loading

•  Inbound Deconsolidation & Distribution

Air Freight

Due to the sensitivity and time pressures involved in Air Freight industry, TLS develops comprehensive airfreight service plans tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements. This is accomplished by learning our customer’s exact objectives with regards to their internal and external requirements.


TLS can provide you with a comprehensive range of Import and Export Air Freight services. We will evaluate your requirements and ensure that your esteemed organization or company receive the most effective air freight solution.

We provide:

•  Air Freight Forwarding Services

•  Air - Sea Freight Transshipment Forwarding Services.

•  Import & Export Air Freight

•  Transportation / Trucking / Off Loading

Land transportation

Target Logistics complements customer’s businesses by ensuring safe handling and timely delivery of shipments.

The range of road transportation services include:

Distribution: A fleet of delivery trucks play a crucial role in just-in-time deliveries as part of total supply chain solutions for clients using Target Logistics service.

Container Transportation: Target Logistics transports the full range of container types for import / export shipments.

Full Truck Load (FTL): Target Logistics operates curtain-slider trucks, built for maximum efficiency. This results in easier loading and offloading of palletized cargo.

Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain solutions is the management of a network of interconnected businesses involved in the provision of product and service packages required by the end customers in a supply chain. Supply chain management spans all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Supply chain solutions is the management of a network of interconnected businesses involved in the provision of product and service packages required by the end customers in a supply chain. Supply chain management spans all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption.


Managing complex transportation for large projects requires experienced, intelligent and knowledgeable personnel who are committed to researching all options, surveying potential problems, and reacting to extraordinary circumstances with quick and decisive actions. Our approach is to break down logistics and transport into essential elements, and then to assign direct supervision over each. Advance trips by Operations Specialist to the key points in the project corridor ensure that we have the first-hand knowledge required to “make things happen”. A Project Coordinator is then assigned to manage all facets of communication, logistics and transportation become the direct liaison with our customers.


We offer our customers modern, spacious and secure warehousing options in China, Turkey and Jordan that meet their unique needs. We are also offering storage of cargo in cold rooms as well as in general, transit and bonded warehouses.

Custom Clearance

•  This service is performed in-house by qualified staff with many years of experience and technical knowledge, and provide a complete customs clearance package.


•  TLS Freight offers cost effective and timely clearing and forwarding services both for sea and air shipments in Iraq, Turkey, Chaina and Europe. We provide the full range of customs clearing and international freight forwarding services.


•  Choosing TLS assures you of accurate, speedy and efficient customs clearance and freight forwarding.

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